The Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative exists to offer a coordinated approach to enhance the water and wastewater management efforts of towns, the Regional Government and the broader community. The Collaborative seeks to protect Cape Cod’s shared water resources and to provide access to cost effective and environmentally sound wastewater infrastructure. The Collaborative seeks funding support for the Cape communities, establishes priorities, directs strategy, builds support for action, and fosters regionalism.

The Collaborative functions using the following structure:

  • 17-member Governing Board that approves all expenditures, policies and strategies.
  • 6-member Steering Committee that reviews and develops proposed strategies, policies and budget proposals for consideration by Governing Board.
  • Ad hoc committee convened on an as-needed basis to support the deliberations of the Governing Board.
  • An Executive Director to manage day-to-day affairs of the Collaborative.
  • Staff functions to be provided on a contract basis by other County operating departments.

The Governing Board meets bi-monthly and the Steering Committee meets monthly. View current meeting schedule, meeting agendas and meeting minutes.

View the Collaborative’s priorities and legislative efforts and grants and funding to towns and regional organizations to promote wastewater planning efforts.

View the county ordinance that created the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative in 2005.



December 11, 2013 - 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Innovation Room, Barnstable County Complex


Policy on Approval of Municipal Services Projects
Adopted 01/08/14

Status Update:
Section 208 Planning and Outreach -
6/12/13 Presentation to CCWPC Governing Board

Area-wide 208 Water Quality Management Plan Update - Program Work Plan - 5/8/2013 Presentation to CCWPC Governing Board

Final report on Recommendations for County Resources and Policies in Wastewater Planning and Implementation presented to the County Commissioners on 1/2/2013 by Andrew Gottlieb and Paul Niedzwiecki

Quarterly Update presented to the County Commissioners by Andrew Gottlieb of the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative and Paul Niedzwiecki of the Cape Cod Commission

Memo addressed to the County Commissioners regarding quarterly update

Regional Wastewater Management Plan Status Report by the Cape Cod Commission

Evaluation of Regionalization

Existing Regulatory Environment

Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative Public Outreach Plan Regarding Evaluation of Merit of a Regional Approach to Wastewater Management

Joint statement released from the Cape & Islands legislative delegation, published in the Cape Cod Times Ideas & Opinion page on February 5, 2012: "Here's How to Solve Our Wastewater Crisis"

Editorial published in the Cape Cod Times on January 26, 2012 on the Massachusetts Estuaries Project: "Read, heed the science"

Final No Net Flow Regulations for Qualification for 0% SRF Financing

1/11/2012: Executive Summary of the Report of the MEP Scientific Review Panel

11/16/2011: Independent Scientific Review Panel Validates Scientific Merit of the Massachusetts Estuaries Project

Announcement of MEP Scientific Peer Review Panel

Framework for 2011 Review of Modeling Procedures used in the Massachusetts Estuaries Project

Golledge Report on Wetlands Regulation and Nutrient Attenuation

Greater Boston story on Cape Cod Water Quality

Engineering Report of Orleans CWMP

"Comparison of Costs for Wastewater Management Systems Applicable to Cape Cod, April 2010" by the Barnstable County Wastewater Cost Task Force

Cape Cod Waterways Face Pollution Crisis

Growing Graywater Use Will Likely Have Little Effect on Reuse, report says